Waikiki Wedding Photography | Royal Hawaiian | Kayann and Curtis

Family and romance for me go hand in hand.  One without the other just seems like we’re searching.  When we’re in a great relationship, we talk freely about family and get excited to imagine what life will be like with a growing family.  Kayann and Curtis have a “talk about anything” romance just like you’ve imagined it all can be. God challenges us constantly testing our resolve and making us stronger in the process. Kayann’s father watching down from above, certainly graced his daughter with the most beautiful poise and elegance she could have. Curtis’ family came to Hawaii from Texas amid some nasty weather and some of the most adversarial circumstances.  I think everyone was indeed really happy to be in Hawaii.  We were really happy to see them all!  All the girls looked lovely and the wedding was beautiful; from the superb hosting of the Royal Hawaiian and the Sheraton Waikiki to the fabulous reception featuring a great hula show and dance lesson.  Congratulations Kayann and Curtis!


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