Melissa and Alan | JW Marriot Ihilani Photography | Dillingham Ranch wedding photography

Melissa and Alan’s wedding this weekend was an absolute dream.  They are a match made in heaven…  true soul mates.  Melissa, like a fine director had a vision.  Sometimes that vision carries quite the weight.  Our photography matched perfectly with the stated elegance of the event and the beautiful couple.  Strong values of family and tradition weighed heavily and I loved the color palette and all the simple fine details that Melissa and Alan had spent countless hours planning for.  The church looked beautiful and we were extremely fortunate to have had the honor of shooting at the newly renovated Dillingham Ranch in Waialua.  This was our first wedding at the JW Marriot and the first time we had planned a same day slideshow to present.   I’ll post some gallery shots later as well, the reception was packed with talent and wonderful entertainment!  I want to show the entire slideshow here because it was cut short at the reception….



I want to recognize as well the fine work from Kai-Madia for the video production, Su-V Expressions for the beautiful flower arrangements and centerpieces, and REA Designs for their creative inspirations as well.

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