Hawaii Bridal Expo 2013

We were thrilled and honored to be a part of the Hawaii bridal expo this past weekend!  We met with so many lovely brides and we we’re inspired by vendors from all corners of the industry.  One of the most difficult vendors to choose is of course your photographer.  There is so much media to look at and so many styles to choose from!  A couple of quick tips while looking around…

1. Respect your budget.  Especially in these tough times.  Every style has a range.  Find the style that inspires you and has potential for your type of event and find a studio in your price range and work with them on the price that you’re comfortable with.  Here’s an article from the Knot to help you.

2. Don’t hire by the hour.  Make sure your whole event is covered.  The only time you need a photographer for less than four hours is if you’re planning a very small/short wedding.

3. Make a connection with your photographer(s).  This is the person(s) that will be with you all day, and then some.  Make sure you can say anything and do everything you want.

4. Review portfolios.  Make sure you see what your wedding images will look like.  Prints and album design as well.

5. Ask around.  Sometimes your friends’ and venues’ experiences will point you in the right direction.  Vendors you already have a relationship with will certainly refer you to respectable and responsible photographers.

So there you have it, 5 things to consider.  The other priceless piece of advice we’ll give you is this.. don’t think digital files are timeless.  A quality album will last a lifetime.  Albums we make today are not made for us.  We store and present images to signify reverence to the occasion.  Weddings are a very significant milestone in our life.  Our children will be tickled to see how important these ceremonies are and thus perpetuate the honor of the union.  Tablet and phone images are great to show friends and relatives, co-workers, etc. but how do we separate the importance of our wedding with the vacation to Disneyland?

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