A Kauai Elopement

Monica and Fred are very familiar with Kauai. In fact, Fred owns a condo on the island and visits frequently.  There is no other place that Fred and Monica could have envisioned for their wedding.  Both having children from previous marriages, Fred and Monica knew it was a delicate thing to re-marry especially with the blessings of the children being top priority.

Fred and I grew up together in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school so I’ve known Fred for a long time.  We’ve been away from each other, him being on the mainland and me in Hawaii we don’t frequent each other much except for the occasional phone chat and some contact on Facebook which is pretty much par for the course for me with all my long distance friends nowadays.  I certainly wish it was more intimate with everyone but having a family to raise here and being in business full time we don’t have the hours to spread out across the day to maintain these relationships the way they used to be.  I frequently feel pity for that.  Because in the days I was so fortunate to have spent with Monica and Fred and their children made me wish for nothing but more time to get to know old friends and connect with their families.

Monica has two beautiful girls, Tiffany and Cassandra.  Fred has a son, Fred.  He’s actually Fred the IIIrd after him and his father Fred.  We call him Trey.

Once you land on Kauai, the romance hits you so hard you wish it were the only place on earth and you never had to go back to reality.  But it is real. Monica and Fred hadn’t planned anything too elaborate.  A romantic river cruise into the Fern Grotto where the ceremony would be held and a romantic luau to follow… The beach in Lihue where the condo is proved to be a great location to do a first look and the family would gather there before the river cruise for photos and cocktails.

The Wailua river is the largest river on Kauai and is supplied by Mt. Waialeale, the wettest place on earth; getting an average rainfall of about 500 in. per year.  It is frequently raining on the river and in the valley… actually it is more rare that there is sun. The Fern Grotto is a typical paradise of tropical vegetation that can emotionally overwhelm the unsuspecting tourist.  The views getting to the Grotto are tremendous and traveling by kayak is very popular.

Trey is probably the shyest of the group, but while closing the ceremony the minister asked if anyone would like to come up and say a few words, he was the first one to come forth and deliver an off the cuff tribute to how much this union meant to him and how proud he was of his father and how excited he felt to be able to invite Tiffany and Cassandra into the family.  Least not saying how much Monica had meant to him and would be as his new mom.  – There wasn’t a dry eye.   Moments like these are so fleeting and in circumstances like this it’s hard to hold back emotion.  Ensuingly everyone felt like they could say what they were really feeling at that moment and it was genuine, real, and it warmed my heart like no other ceremony I’d seen.  Maybe because the river was the backdrop or maybe it was just Kauai but wedding ceremonies like this are just magical!
Kauai Luau Fire Dance

Kauai Luau Fire Dance

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