Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

In today’s economic climate, we, more than ever need to plan within our budget.  It is critical that as a family we come together to make our dreams come true.  If we must, we may employ family members to aid our wedding.  In the case of photography, our family will be best employed in a position in front of the camera.


Top 10 reasons you should hire a pro photographer and not your uncle/brother-in-law/nephew/who knows who

1. There is a tempo to your wedding day whether you know it or not.  Photographers have a clock in their head telling them when and where they should be. Getting to the right places in the right amount of time on schedule with shots is imperative.

2. Emotions run rather high on wedding days. From the family gatherings, schedules, guests, vendors, and all the bridesmaids can be overwhelming.  Getting the shots without being emotionally attached is critical.  Photographers look for these moments.  Waiting behind the lens for the perfect shot.  Do you want your photographer hugging your dad or shooting your dad? (With a camera!)

3. Lens work is what photographers pride themselves on!  Having the lenses to capture the small and fine details of the most beautiful floral arrangements, accessories and rings is vital.  Also, being able to shoot in churches and venues with low light is critical to tell a beautiful wedding story.

4. Lighting is really where all the magic takes place.  A good photographer sees light.  A great photographer creates it!  Listen to your photographers when it comes to finding good lighting… It will really make all the difference in beautiful portraits!

5. Posing sets the tone for what you’re going to look like in your wedding photographs.  Do I want to look natural, curvy, active, sexy, romantic, seductive, elegant, and of course, beautiful?  Photographers help you create these looks to bring out your best features in the right moments.

6. Products are still very important to acquire for wedding memories.  How do you want to show your children what you looked like when you were married?   Will we still be sharing on Facebook?  Will our computers read DVD’s that are 10 years old?  Will the cloud still be here?  We don’t know, and the bottom line is that, for all practical purposes, photography is still a printing medium.  Photographers have exclusive access to some of the most elegant and timeless products being made today.  There are very affordable, beautiful pieces that can only be ordered through a photographer.  Ask and be inspired.

7. The story.  Today, even with a camera on every device, we still need perspective, a storyteller if you will.  Having 2000 random shots of everyone posing in front of the same thing will not yield a compelling story.  Photographers want to inspire. They want to tell the story of a dream the bride had all her life.  Not a job taken lightly.  With the right tools and direction, they create magic.

8. Locations!  Photographers shoot photographs.  They must have the most exclusive access to some of the most beautiful locations.  Location photographs can make all the difference in an engagement shoot when presenting images at your wedding!  Ask for inspiring locations to shoot at!

9. Staying within budget and having the photographer of your dreams isn’t always possible.  However, most photographers have a bridal registry that helps fund the “right” photographer, while providing services later for family and guests who contribute to the photography collection.  It’s a win, win, win situation for the whole family.

10. See number 4!!

Have a wonderful shoot!!



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