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Our new Ms. Hawaii

This post is long overdue!  I want to congratulate our new Ms. Hawaii Annah Rasul and let her know how truly proud we are!  Annah is a woman with a warm heart and deep concern to contribute and make a difference in her life.  I couldn’t thinkView full post »

Maria and Matt | Marriot EDITION Waikiki

It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to photograph Maria and Matt on their wedding day!  This was the first of many wedding events that the new Marriot Edition hotel will be hosting in the coming months and years I’m sure.  The EditionView full post »

Nautical Meets Tropical | Loulu Palm Estate

Dave was drifting in life like a ship with no sail until he hooked Sarah.  Caught in his net unexpectedly, Sarah found the man with the adventure she’d always wanted.  This is a heart-warming story of two souls that met by fate in the smallView full post »

Engagement Session at the JW Marriot

When I try real hard to make a photograph, my face turns red.  I realized this on my last engagement session with Melissa and Alan.  Sometimes, I believe, we can really over-think photography until it makes us, well, red.  Check out some of theseView full post »

WPPI and Marcus Bell Plus Class

Why workshops? Photography is such an ambiguous industry. So similar I’m finding to cooking that it’s really scary. We see trends come and go in both industry’s but what we do find that always stays is quality. The people. It’s the people thatView full post »