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Denise and Ya | Destination Wedding, The Kahala

Spiritually we’re brought together for reasons we have no control of. Call it gravity, cosmic connections, soul mates, whatever you choose. Our destination wedding couple Denise and Ya have found that connection in life and a few clues toView full post »

Trinity and Justin | Destination Wedding Hawaii

Trinity and Justin serendipitously came to us from California where Trinity is a loan officer and Justin is in the auto business. We talked a bit about the photos they wanted and discussed spending a morning out on Kaneohe Bay to take pre-weddingView full post »

Kauai Engagement Session – Meet Bianca and Joe

Sometimes God points us in the most serendipitous circumstances. Bianca and Joe have an amazing spirit and are so totally in love!  They are a joy to be around and to work with… No restrictions and totally free! Their engagement session tookView full post »

Kamalei Lee – Senior

More Senior Portraits! Congratulations Kamalei!View full post »

Alejandra + Josh | Wedding Album

Wedding celebrations are so extraordinarily tedious to plan and so fleeting when the actual event flies by in a whirlwind without really having time to absorb the reality of what we’ve just made.   Whew, that was a mouthful!  What I want toView full post »

Alejandra + Josh | Kaneohe Wedding Photography

We get to know couples sometimes pretty well in the course of shooting engagement sessions and weddings.  You really know when and if the couples were meant for each other and what makes them truly unique.  I must say, Alejandra and Josh wereView full post »

Kristen + Matt | Waimanalo Beach Engagement Photography

It’s so cool when you get to spend a whole day with couples that are not only so beautiful, but so smart too! We had great light all day and had a blast! Kristen and Matt are both studying to be dentists in Oregon and are to be wed inView full post »

Eternity Beach – Alejandra + Josh

We have Alejandra and Josh’s wedding coming up soon and we wanted to get some very memorable and iconic images for their engagement session.  We went to Eternity beach for a nice sunrise shoot and had the most remarkable unobstructed sunshine!View full post »

Waimanalo Engagement Photography – Erin + Chris

I love engagement sessions!  Book this month and get a free engagement session!!  The Wedding Expo went extremely well and I want to thank everyone who came by to visit and say hi!  Also, thank you everyone for the very kind words regarding the workView full post »

Hawaii Family Portraits

We do get requests frequently to make family portraits on location and if we have time we accomodate all we can.  I believe these are some of the most important moments to treasure throughout our short family time together.   If you’reView full post »

Hayley and George | Laie Wedding Photography

What a gorgeous couple and a beautiful beach house!  Check out this venue for a romantic Hawaiian beach wedding featuring koa flooring and staircase, spacious suites throughout the house, water features and a fire pit!  If you’re interested inView full post »

AJ and Natasha

Couples visiting Hawaii sometimes want something very special to remember their vacation.  These romantic portrait sessions are great opportunities to have beautiful timeless images that can hang on you walls for years.  I’m honored to haveView full post »

Nautical Meets Tropical | Loulu Palm Estate

Dave was drifting in life like a ship with no sail until he hooked Sarah.  Caught in his net unexpectedly, Sarah found the man with the adventure she’d always wanted.  This is a heart-warming story of two souls that met by fate in the smallView full post »

Wedding of Lindsey and Mat

Lindsey and Mat are a destination wedding couple, however Mat comes from Hawaii and returned home for their nuptials at St Christopher’s in Kailua, Oahu. We shot their engagement session a while back and posted some of those pics…View full post »

Downtown Honolulu

Downtown Honolulu on a Sunday is quite the place for photographers!   It’s always good to see creativity flowing!  Saw many sessions going on, we should just block it off and label it a photo set for the day!  (I wish) Check out Kamalei Lee, aView full post »

Nicola + Cristina

Nicola and Cristina come from Verona, Italy!  I know, a long way to travel… I really wanted to do something special for them so I took them to a couple cool locations and got blessed with a beautiful rainbow that they’ll probably neverView full post »

Na Maka O Pu’uwai Aloha pt. 2

I can’t say enough about the privilege it has been working with this incredibly talented group.  Dancers seem to have the artistic ability to jump off the page in a photograph and say here’s my soul  (which we as photographers love!) View full post »

Na Maka O Pu’uwai Aloha Pt. 1

I had the honor recently to profile and shoot the wahine and the kane of the talented and super gracious Na Maka O Puuwai Aloha located in Waipio on Oahu.  The halau is lead by Mandi Scott who I profiled recently in a solo session along with theView full post »

Lindsey and Mat

Yes Mat with one T… Mat and Lindsey live in the Seattle area and are getting married here in Hawaii in August.  Mat is an engineer and Lindsey is studying sports medicine.  Both are very fortunate to have found each other!! [nggalleryView full post »

Fire, Wind, Water

Lan was a real pleasure to get to know and to work with. Tons of passion and inspiration in her as you can tell from these pics! She also dances many forms of latin styles including bachata which we will hopefully photograph in the nearView full post »