Goddess Session – Airin Aquarious

Somehow you landed here.  As we discover ourselves spiritually, we find out more. Self discovery could be very powerful and empowering.  I’ve known Hawaii to be a very magical and mystical place. The allure of the islands is the fantasy of finding yourself, sometimes with the one you’re with, other times single.    We want to showcase these events and celebrate who we’re becoming in the process of going through this journey. Represent this time in your life having this wonderful transformation.  These edits are indicative of what we are in relation to the world around us.  Most of what we believe is fantasy. We have no real grasp on the life that we live now. It’s fleeting. Airin is living a journey right now.  We all meet very serendipitously sometimes and when we come together with a connection, we must celebrate it.  There are no accidents.



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