Q. Do we get all the pictures from the wedding day?

A. Well, Yes, Actually your album collections include all the edited images that go in the finished album.  You will get a copy digitally of all your proofs. Each image needs to be prepped for printing before it leaves the studio.  We can keep our prices low if we upload to our lab because they do the color correction for us.  Proofs are uploaded online for viewing and print purchasing for friends and family.

Q. What’s the difference between a pressbook and an album?

A. While they are both gorgeous, our press-books are capable of holding up to 100 pages.  Press-books are printed on beautiful Italian fine art paper and our albums are designed with matted pages and photos presented elegantly with rich leather covers.  They really have to be seen and held.

Q.  Can I upgrade my album collection after we book?

A. You may indeed!

Q.  What if we don’t want an album?

A.  Wedding coverage and proofs are still only $2400.

Q. Why are your albums only 30 pages?  How many pictures is that?

A.  For the designs we make, 2-4 images per spread is a good guide.  So a 15 spread album, 30 pages, can hold 50-60 images.  30 Pages is just a start.  We will design what we believe to be the best album possible with your photographs. The album that we will propose to you is indicative of what our display albums look like. The proposal is offered to you as a guide only. With your taste and budget in mind the album can be refined as you see fit.

Q. What if we want more album spreads?

A. Of course, you are not limited to purchasing a specific number of sides. You always have the option of purchasing additional sides in order to customize and complete your perfect wedding album. Each side includes unlimited images, effects and digital design. Each additional spread costs $125.

Q. Do you have a 2nd photographer available?

A. Yes.  Now all of our Collections include two photographers.

Q. Do we have to choose an album when we book?

A. It may seem pre-mature to choose an album before you see the pictures.  You have to trust us and the vision we create.  Larger albums will obviously yield more images per page and certainly larger images, so if you’re anticipating wanting many photos in your album and big prints, you’ll want to purchase the biggest album you can afford.

Q. How much of a deposit do I need to secure our date?

A.  Once the event is booked,  a 30% booking fee is collected.  The ensuing 70% is collected in one or two payments due 30 days before the event.