Derrick and Anvie – A themed engagement session

Telling stories is far more fascinating when you actually have a great cultural heritage to showcase.  Now, I know, hula’s been done and re-done, but it means so much individually when there’s a connection with two individuals.  I’ve been trying to gather a little more information about the courtship of Hawaiians and have learned that the imagery is not literal at all.  For example,  a man might court with flowers or music and the imagery might just be of that particular flower and the music will dance around in metaphor.  We don’t have specific imagery from Hawaiians that reference romance and relationships and from what I’m learning, relationships and marriage we’re not taken very lightly.  Men and women were married for life. That being said. royalty and the wealthy would take multiple wives and partners, but it didn’t dilute, or weaken the contract.  Derrick and Anvie have a bond that will last a lifetime.  I can feel it.  A relationship based on love and a drive to make themselves better as they grow. Hula and photography go very well together, and so for that matter does any performance art.  let’s celebrate the art that brings us together.


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