China Walls Photography | Joyce & Cyrus

China Walls – I have to admit, I’ve been to this location on Oahu at least a dozen times and have never jumped off. It seems like it’s a rite of passage for children and some not so young to take the plunge. The cliff seems not so high now but I can imagine at a much younger time in my life it might’ve been terrifying! It’s also a very romantic sunset location and all around cool place to chill and bond. With friends, significant other, or even family.  Joyce and Cyrus come here from Seattle, Washington and I found this place to shoot their engagement session very poignant as representation of their rite of passage.  Their own evolution. A graduation. We take the next step maybe a leap in life and we’re not always so sure if were gonna land safely. But then we look back later in life and realize that the cliff is really not that high…











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