Lorraine and Cory * Engagement

I’m a little addicted to this location. Partly because of the drama (we love drama) and partly because of the actual accessibility and convenience. It’s so deep and consistently provides light and motion. This is Lorraine aka FrenchieView full post »

Performing Arts Portraits

Once or twice a year, we bring our studio to shoot portraits of the beautiful dancers at Na Maka O Puuwai Aloha dance studio in Waipio.  I can’t tell you how much of a joy it is watching these girls grow up. It’s exciting seeing theView full post »

Kauai Engagement Session – Meet Bianca and Joe

Sometimes God points us in the most serendipitous circumstances. Bianca and Joe have an amazing spirit and are so totally in love!  They are a joy to be around and to work with… No restrictions and totally free! Their engagement session tookView full post »

Sheana and Kai – Album

I kinda broke a golden rule when designing this album…I never, under any circumstances, never, never ,never…. mix black and white images with color on the same spread!  On the same spread is critical because it feels like theresView full post »

Derrick and Anvie – A themed engagement session

Telling stories is far more fascinating when you actually have a great cultural heritage to showcase.  Now, I know, hula’s been done and re-done, but it means so much individually when there’s a connection with two individuals.View full post »

Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

In today’s economic climate, we, more than ever need to plan within our budget.  It is critical that as a family we come together to make our dreams come true.  If we must, we may employ family members to aid our wedding.  In the case ofView full post »

Sheana and Kai – Central Union Church Honolulu

We must remember as photographers that we have two families coming together (sometimes more) through our brides and grooms. Weddings are also family reunions.  Often times families will never completely be together again after your wedding.View full post »

WPPI 16×20″ Print Competition 2ND PLACE!!

We strive and work our hardest to make imagery worthy of world class print competition.  It is fleeting and very difficult to create that one magic piece that will “wow” judges from an international pool.  We submitted two this year andView full post »

Kamalei Lee – Senior

More Senior Portraits! Congratulations Kamalei!View full post »

Tim Bright – Senior!

Milestones everyone!  Graduation is upon us and I know most people don’t associate graduation with photography but it’s good to have some nice portraits made in celebration.  Yes, another milestone in our lives to be celebrated and yes,View full post »

Goddess Session – Airin Aquarious

Somehow you landed here.  As we discover ourselves spiritually, we find out more. Self discovery could be very powerful and empowering.  I’ve known Hawaii to be a very magical and mystical place. The allure of the islands is the fantasy ofView full post »

Hawaii Bridal Expo 2013

We were thrilled and honored to be a part of the Hawaii bridal expo this past weekend!  We met with so many lovely brides and we we’re inspired by vendors from all corners of the industry.  One of the most difficult vendors to choose is ofView full post »

Going to the next level

Every child has milestones. We experience these milestones as parents and revel in the accomplishments of our own.  Children grow fast.  I know it’s cliché, however, when milestones pass, we long for these moments; for they are ourView full post »

Alejandra + Josh | Wedding Album

Wedding celebrations are so extraordinarily tedious to plan and so fleeting when the actual event flies by in a whirlwind without really having time to absorb the reality of what we’ve just made.   Whew, that was a mouthful!  What I want toView full post »

The Relationship and the Photo

When was the last time you told your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend “I love you”?  OK. Truth is, I don’t say it enough, and I’m guessing you don’t either.  It’s so easy to take each other for granted when we’reView full post »

Aulani Wedding Photography | Kristen and Matt

One of the very many bright spots in Hawaii has to be the new Aulani Resort at Koolina.  Disney’s new venture into resort hotel and spa.  The themes will follow the culture of the land they host.  It is a beautiful and educational retreat toView full post »

Mariska Hargitay – Joyful Heart Foundation Mele – The Kahala

I’m a pretty big Law & Order fan and have followed SVU for a bit.  One of the best parts of SVU as everyone knows is the tireless effort and the brilliant performances of Mariska Hargitay.  When we were presented with the opportunity toView full post »

Alejandra + Josh | Kaneohe Wedding Photography

We get to know couples sometimes pretty well in the course of shooting engagement sessions and weddings.  You really know when and if the couples were meant for each other and what makes them truly unique.  I must say, Alejandra and Josh wereView full post »

Erin + Chris | Koolau Ballroom Wedding Photography

Sometimes you really never know what to expect from a wedding that’s outdoors, of course until you arrive.  the lighting could be harsh, soft, wet, dull, and we sometimes have to work a bit to get it just right…. I knew we would haveView full post »

Kristen + Matt | Waimanalo Beach Engagement Photography

It’s so cool when you get to spend a whole day with couples that are not only so beautiful, but so smart too! We had great light all day and had a blast! Kristen and Matt are both studying to be dentists in Oregon and are to be wed inView full post »