On wedding album design

I approach all my album designs in relatively the same way.  I want impact and story.  If a viewer that has had no relation to the day can be inspired by looking through the album or even make it through the whole book without skimming, then I’ve done my job.  This is a tall order.  We have more connection to the day then we realize and want to include all the shots that generally won’t enhance the story or make an impact but they might mean something to us.  Editing our spreads and making sure we don’t scrapbook our wedding album is the top priority.  We want to be efficient with the images and give reverence to the great moments by isolating those images and support the story with details.  Materials and color become secondary to the images but still have to support the overall theme of the day (colors, texture, etc.).  Size is a budgetary issue;  The album should fit the budget of the couple and be relative to the overall budget of the wedding.  I always recommend saving a bit for expanding the wedding album after the event, For example, extra spreads that can hold all the moments that complete the story of the day.  Remember one important thing when you’re planning an album – they are not for us… we design and make albums for the generations that follow us.  We show our children the celebration that perpetuates the family and hope they give the same high acclaim to their own relationships in the future.

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